S13 Compact Fighting Keyboard


The S13 HITBOX is a compact, leverless controller that bridges the gap between mechanical keyboards and traditional gamepads. While the build quality may not be flawless, with some rough-cut plexi edges, its sandwich construction ensures durability for both home use and travel. The controller’s size makes it ideal for desk play, though it can also be used on the lap for a more portable setup.


System Compatibility:Our Arcade keyboard suitable for Windows 10 or above / Steam Deck/Ps3/Ps 4/Switch/Raspberry Pi(Lakka, RetroPie, Recalbox, Batocera)/MiSTer/Android, Linux, iPadOS, macOS, Windows (Keyboard mode only)Attention: Regarding the connection of PS4/PS5, please refer to the official website or manual to set it up. Please carefully check the manual or website link: haute42.com/supports/


Ultra Low 1ms Delay:Our S13 keyboard is made of 40nm process node manufacturing, low dynamic power consumption, and low leakage,1ms delay, no frame leakage rate above 95%,Supports firmware updates


Hot-Swappable & DIY Support:Our mini keyboard adopts hot swappable technology, making it convenient for users to replace their favorite mechanical keys without any welding problems.It supports DIY and can be modified to your preferred skin color to make it look cooler.
Notice:EXT. port is used for extension functions,please do not connect your game console through this port


Custom RGB Design:This is a transparent acrylic material with RGB lighting effect, an enlarged style arcade keyboard with 13 buttons, providing a comfortable feeling and allowing you to enjoy fighting games. Buyers can create their own skins to make the controller look cooler and more personalized


Product Function: 5 Controller Modes-X-input mode/Switch mode/PS3 / D-input mode/PS4 mode/Keyboard mode.With Multiple SOCD cleaning modes, turbo functions, built-in embedded web configuration, button layout swap, EXT port, M1/M2 Custom keys

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The S13 features lightly textured button caps and Kailh low profile red switches, providing a smooth tactile experience. Despite their low profile, the switches offer a good amount of travel, enhancing gameplay. The controller supports customization, though the small size limits space for displaying artwork.


Overall, the S13 offers excellent value, especially when purchased directly from AliExpress to save on costs.


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